How to Recover “Bricked” Teradici endpoint on Wyse P25/45, Dell 5030/7030

Hey folks!  I recently had the opportunity to play with a P25 that had been on the shelf for quite a long time (like – years..).  The unit either had a very old version of firmware on it, or someone had been experimenting on it and had it back-flashed to Firmware 4.0.
Either way, it needed to be updated for a class I was teaching.
So, plunging into the task, I did the standard process:

  1. Download the latest firmware package to my local workstation from Dell Drivers & Downloads (  & enter the service tag)
  2. Discover the IP address of the Endpoint through the On Screen configuration.
  3. Open a browser and navigate to the IP address of the Endpoint.
  4. Log into the Administrator Web Interface (AWI) and I went to Upload and proceeded to update the firmware to v.5.3.0.

However, on reboot of the system, it appeared to have “bricked” the endpoint.  There was no display, although the power button was lit up and the unit was on.

Stepping through basic troubleshooting, I noted that the NIC interface (RJ45) was showing a link light.  Even with the display not working, I went to DHCP to see if it had registered an IP Lease recently & fortunately, it had!!

Heading to the AWI on the P25, I was able to connect and log on to the AWI.  Checking the configuration on the home screen – it showed that it was actually up and running FW5.3.0.  What give??

That’s where reading the documentation/Readme.txt files comes in handy!!

After reviewing the release notes for multiple versions of the Teradici Firmware , I found that there are “Stepping” requirements when upgrading Teradici Firmware Prior to 4.5.1.  Apparently, there are some video driver updates in 4.5.1/4.6.0 that newer versions of the firmware depend on (meaning they aren’t in the Firmware Updates in the newer packages).

Once I back-rev’d the firmware to 4.6.0, I got the video back up and working.

This is also another “Stepping” requirement to get to FW 5.3.0, there are required components in the 4.7.x & 4.8.0 firmware that update the management plugins for PCoIP Management Console 2.0 to be able to manage the endpoint.

So basically, if you are on a pre-4.5.1 firmware:

  • Update to 4.6.0  to fix video
  • Update to 4.8.0  to fix PCoIP managment bits
  • Update to 5.3.0 & beyond!!

The Release Notes link above should be updated for future revsions of the firmware as they come out.

Hope this helps.