Wyse Mangement Suite & Blast Deployment

Hey folks, it’s been a little while since I’ve shared something.  But this afternoon I found something worthy.

A customer has some Wyse 3040’s (ThinOS) already deployed, connecting to Horizon View 7.3 on the back end, and now they want to test performance with the Blast protocol instead of PCoIP.  The customer is using Wyse Management Suite to configure their endpoints and is using only 1 endpoint to test with.

How to do this???

The customer is using ThinOS 8.5_012 on their endpoints, but the process is pretty much the same for most WMS/ThinOS clients that support Horizon View.

First, the endpoint needs an additional package deployed to support Blast Protocol.  In ThinOS, the Horizon View Client only supports RDP & PCoIP protocols and manual configuration will only display those protocols in the drop down menu.

If you are using On Premise WMS (locally hosted):

  1. Navigate to where you unpacked your downloaded ThinOS package.
  2. Drill into the PKG folder and locate:  horizon.i386.pkg
  3. Copy that file to your repository on the server that is hosting WMS (..\WMS\LocalRepo\repository\thinClientApps)
  4. Wait a few minutes for WMS to update it’s inventory.
  5. Go to App & Data on the top toolbar & on the Lefthand side:  App Policies – Thin Client.
  6. Create a policy to deliver the new package to the endpoint & confirm the installation by checking SystemTools:Packages and verify that Horizon.i386.pkg is installed.

If you are using Cloud Based WMS, the packages for your ThinOS should already be listed and available.

Once that is done, then just deploy your configuration policy to the endpoint device groups and test.

Hope this helps.