Taking A Look at the nVidia T4 GPU

Hey folks,

It’s been a little while, but with the current status of the world I had some time to play with some new toys at work.  I just got my hands on a Dell R640, with a configuration on it to do VMWare vSAN and Horizon with GPU.  Acutally, the order was for 3 R640’s, with dual socket (12core/socket), 96GB of memory, 6x600GB SSD and a T4 GPU.  I’ve been keeping in the loop of GPU’s and VDI for some time now – about 8 years back to the nVidia K-cards, but I have been retooling to master VMware OS platforms – so I haven’t been too “close” to the hardware side of things.  Fortunately, it was time for an upgrade for some lab hardware, as the older 12th Gen Dell servers I have are not supported on VMWare vSphere 7 (which just dropped 4 days ago).

Anyway, we can’t just go out and buy _the_ latest and greatest hardware that hits the marketplace, so the T4 is a nice place to start…  I did a quick video on the T4 & Dell PowerEdge R640 and posted it up on my YouTube channel here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxafUlgpWDg

As I get this stuff setup in the lab, I’ll make up some new articles and maybe some more videos to demo this stuff out for y’all.  Please feel free to throw comments/questions below.

Thanks, Scott